To the Editor:

Representatives of our community need to possess the highest integrity, an open and objective approach and be fair and honest. I know of no one who embodies all these fine qualities better than Scott Blanchard, who is running for Lenox Town Council.

Working with Scott for the past several years as a fellow board member on the Canastota Recreation Committee, I witnessed first-hand his endless dedication and desire to work towards the betterment of the families in our community.  I am truly impressed with Scott’s ability to see all sides of an issue and his commitment to making our community one where people feel proud to live.

I sincerely believe given the opportunity on the Lenox Town Council, Scott can use his ingenuity to make sound financial decisions and help bring in new business into our community, which will help revive the local economy, inspire new residents to move into our community and encourage current families to stay.

Scott is visible and accessible in the community. He participates in a number of community-wide events where he interacts with residents and listens to their concerns.

I noted some of Scott’s stronger personality traits are his ability to actively listen, give respect to others’ opinions and connect with other people. His sincere approach and willingness to collaborate allow him to naturally develop trust in others.

These are character traits that, in my view, make Scott a perfect choice for Lenox Town Council.  My family and I support Scott Blanchard for Lenox Town Council, and I invite my fellow voters in Lenox to join us.

Don Campanaro, Canastota

By martha

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