(Oneida, NY – Jan. 2, 2013) Oneida City Police would like to remind residents of snow related city ordinances that have been the subject of some recent complaints. With this year’s heavier snowfall, complaints on snow plowing and snowmobile operation have been received.

It is illegal to place, push, shovel or deposit in any way or caused to be pushed, placed, shoveled or deposited any snow, ice or slush onto a sidewalk or public street or any part thereof. Obstruction of fire hydrants is prohibited or obstructing the view at intersections of public streets for a distance of 20 feet is prohibited. It is illegal to deposit snow onto another person’s property without their permission.

Snowmobiles may only be operated on the trails listed in section 180-48 of the Oneida City Code of Ordinances which is available on line at www.oneidacity.com.  Operation on another person’s property without their permission is illegal and it is illegal to operate between the hours of 11 p.m. to 6 a.m. in the inside district.

For a full list of snowmobile regulations see 180-44 of the Oneida City Code.

Due to the number of complaints the Madison County Sheriff’s Department Snowmobile Patrol will be requested to patrol and address any violations.



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