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By Alyssa B.

(Cazenovia, NY – Jan. 2013) Fiery. Burning. Energetic. These are a few of the words I am able to think of that describe what it feels like to truly, and I mean truly, love America. I know you think you love this country. You think: “I am thankful to live in a free country and have the right to vote and the right to freedom of speech and press,” but you do not know what it really means to love the United States of America.

Men like Isaac Davis and Thomas Baker loved their country and showed it in a way many of us will never have to. You have probably never heard of either man, but both were extremely good examples of an American.

Davis was a minuteman in the Revolutionary War. Before the Battle of Lexington and Concord, he trained his men to aim. The British never aimed. They were trained to walk in a group, kneel, fire. Reload, walk in a group, kneel and fire. Davis trained his men to hide and aim.

Davis was the first across the bridge during the charge at Lexington and Concord and was immediately shot and killed by a British Redcoat. You may wonder why this makes him a patriotic man. For this reason: he got shot and killed, because he was the first man across the bridge and the one who did not think about himself, but about his country, family and fellow soldiers. He did not care if he died, as long as he died defending the land he so deeply loved.

Baker was a young man who fought on Saipan in the Marianas Islands during World War II. He received the Medal of Honor after his actions beyond the call of duty during an attack on Saipan. While holding off Japanese troops, he got critically wounded. Nevertheless, he stayed and fired his rifle until all his ammunition was gone, at which point he began to beat the enemy with his gun.

When his rifle was battered, and almost useless, his friend pulled him back to safety. When his comrades began to retreat, he told them to leave him there with an eight-round pistol; he did not want to slow them down. His friends did as he asked and returned to find him later.

Baker was right where they left him, eight Japanese lying dead on the ground and himself having given his life for his country. He was posthumously promoted to sergeant and awarded a Medal of Honor, America’s highest military decoration, for his brave actions at the Battle of Saipan.

That is what I call American spirit; unfortunately, I know very few people with that type of spirit – the spirit that would push them to do anything for their country. It crushes me to think of all the people who live here and do not even give it a second thought.

They do not think of all the poor people living in Third World countries under dictatorship and forced religions. America is the best thing that has happened in hundreds of years, and so few today feel this.

When America was young, it was full of patriotic, brave men who would give their lives in a second to defend the country they so loved. Now, we have cowards who get on stage with their crazy outfits and hair and play electric guitars, yell and brainwash thousands of American teenagers into thinking that is the United States.

That is not the United States; that is just downright wrong and idiotic. Those same people have never done a thing for this country and never will, and they do not care.

We have many good men and women fighting overseas, willing to sacrifice their lives for their America, while millions more sit back here and vote men into office who give shallow promises of lower taxes and a better life. To me, they are all dirty liars that hate America and would say or do anything to bring it to the ground.

The men giving their lives every day are fighting in vain, because with our current government leaders, this country does not have much longer to go.

When we are taken over by a dictatorship, socialism, communism or whatever else will get to us first, those rock stars, Hollywood millionaires, screaming pop fans, and TV talent show hosts and contestants will all see what they have done. While they are entertaining themselves and enjoying pleasures that will last only temporarily, they are crushing the only country that will allow them to enjoy these freedoms.

Moreover, when a crazy leader or leaders swallow this land, these same people will not even know it was their own selves that did it. They will blame good men like George Bush and Ronald Reagan, and they will no longer be citizens of this incredible country.

If only they could understand that America needs more Americans; more true Americans. If only we could join and show the world we are still the superpower and we will not bow down as slaves, because we are the greatest. We are America. Our flag still waves, and as for mine, it’s going to keep its 50 stars and 13 stripes, and my pledge will still say ‘under God,’ and I will never forget the men that loved this country so much they would die for it.

I salute our fallen and our current fighters. In addition, I thank those who still have that fiery spirit of freedom and liberty inside of them. America is not gone yet. We are still here, are we not? What are you waiting for? Because whatever it is, forget it and get out there showing everyone what a true American is.

God bless America; and I really do mean that.

Alyssa B. is an area high school sophomore.

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