By Martha E. Conway

(Town of Sullivan, NY – Feb. 2013) Sullivan property owners are expected to receive their assessment disclosures this week; Assessor Karen Tavernese said the notices area anticipated to be mailed out Feb. 26.

“The town webpage will have sales that property owners can view and all the information they need,” Tavernese said. “The county website will also have all the preliminary assessments posted.”

She said property owners may visit and click on “Real Property Database Search” to find that information.

Tavernese said the reassessment project is nearing completion.

According to the disclosure notice cover letter, new assessments are based on the estimated market value of the property, derived from recent selling prices of comparable properties in Sullivan.

Tavernese said notices contain the actual taxes paid last year and the estimated taxes had the town been at full-value assessment last year. She said special district charges, such as sewer and water, are not included in these numbers.

“The assessment disclosure notice is neither a statement of refund nor an estimate of future taxes,” Tavernese wrote in the cover letter, adding that the actual tax bill may be somewhat higher or lower, depending on additional factors.

According to Tavernese, the budgets that will determine the amount of tax dollars to be raised have not been established.

“If these budgets change from last year, your tax bill will change as a direct result,” Tavernese said.

She repeated that special district charges are not included.

“Your tax bill will also be affected by changes in assessments resulting from informal hearings, grievance proceedings and changes in exemptions,” Tavernese said.

Tavernese said those feeling their new assessment does not accurately reflect a fair estimate of the property’s market value may meet with her to discuss the appraisal. Information meetings to discuss preliminary assessments will be held by appointment between March 5 and 22.

Meetings will be held at Sullivan Town Hall, 7507 Lakeport Road, Chittenango. Appointments may be made by calling Tavernese at 315.687.7222 Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. after notices are received.

Tavernese said property owners may want to discuss the data used to determine preliminary assessment, as well as any additional information believed relevant to the property value, such as recent sales of property in the neighborhood, a recent purchase contract for the property or an independent appraisal of the property.

“No value changes will be made at these informal meetings,” Tavernese said.

She said all information supplied will be considered during the preparation of the 2013 Tentative Assessment Roll, due May 1.

“Property owners who attend these informal meetings will receive written notification of the outcome at that time, as well,” she said.

Limited Saturday and evening appointments will be made as circumstance dictates, Tavernese said. Those unable to attend in person may respond in writing stating concerns and providing any supporting documentation.

“In order to be considered during the preparation of the 2013 tentative assessments, all correspondence must be received by April 12,” Tavernese said. “Beginning May 1, if you are not satisfied with your tentative assessment on the 2013 Tentative Assessment Roll, your next step would be to pursue administrative review of your assessment before the Town of Sullivan Board of Assessment Review.”

The Board of Assessment Review meets May 28. To have your case heard before the Board of Assessment Review, you must file application form RP-524 with the town prior to May 28. Instructional materials including videos, written instructions and the required RP-524 form can be found at

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