COLUMN: The Human Condition

Racism… bias… discrimination… inequality… Alive and well and living in America

By Martha E. Conway

Racism: 1. prejudice or animosity against people who belong to other races. “I am a Muslim and … my religion makes me against all forms of racism.” Malcolm X Speech, Prospects for Freedom. 2. the belief that people of different […]

EDITORIAL: Dear Candidates for Elected Office

Dear Candidates for Elected Office:

Some years ago, I met with the heads of the constituted parties about what we can offer candidates in the way of campaign promotion. It bears repeating.

I want a nice, clean campaign season and will do everything in my power to ensure it. As I said at that […]

Courier Taking Two Weeks’ Vacation, Making Changes

The Human Condition

By Martha E. Conway

(Madison County – May 13, 2013) This has been a tough year for the Courier. While it’s well-known that newspapers everywhere have been struggling for some time, our problem is less with the economic climate than one of an inability to find a full-time sales professional who can […]

DeRuyter Awarded $125,000 Grant

Tree work – one of the final touches to be added to the Genevieve D. Staley Civic Center (DeRuyter Town Hall) – began last week in the village of DeRuyter. A $125,000 Dormitory Authority of the State of New York grant will provide an emergency generator, air conditioning and final aesthetic work for the building.


Kittens Showing Progress

Five kittens were found tied in a bag on Gee Road April 25. Nearly dead, the kittens continue their recovery at KARE, Inc., a Kirkville-based animal rescue.

Kinney Drugs, Others Offering Money, Goods, Services

By Martha E. Conway

(Town of Sullivan, NY – May 2013) Five kittens found April 25 tied in a bag and […]

Tied in Bag, Left for Dead

Five kittens were found tied in a bag on Gee Road last week. Nearly dead, the kittens are recovering in the town of Sullivan.

By Martha E. Conway

(Town of Sullivan, NY – April 25, 2013) Five kittens tied in a bag and left for dead will get a new lease on life, thanks to […]

Code Officer Defends Himself

Resident Says Clash Between Costanzo, Contractor Impacted His Project

By Martha E. Conway

(Town of Sullivan, NY – April 3, 2013) A couple of members of the public had words for Code Enforcement Officer Phil Costanzo at the Sullivan Town Council’s regular meeting April 3. The issue revolved around allegedly malicious delays in the issuance […]

Burgun Automotive in Chittenango on Fire

(Chittenango, NY – March 22, 2013) Burgun Automotive in Chittenango is on fire – the roof is completely collapsed and more units are arriving at the scene. A short section of Route 5 in the village is closed, with traffic being diverted around Dr. West Park.

This report was received about an hour ago.

Photo […]

Sullivan Residents to Receive Assessment Disclosures this Week

By Martha E. Conway

(Town of Sullivan, NY – Feb. 2013) Sullivan property owners are expected to receive their assessment disclosures this week; Assessor Karen Tavernese said the notices area anticipated to be mailed out Feb. 26.

“The town webpage will have sales that property owners can view and all the information they need,” Tavernese […]

Noise Ordinance Work to Resume

By Martha E. Conway

(Town of Sullivan – Jan. 2, 2013) The Sullivan Town Council will hold a work session following its regular meeting Jan. 16 to discuss changes to the town’s quality of life ordinance. The issue has been brought to the board numerous times over the past few years from residents in western […]

Gun Control is Not the Answer

The Human Condition

By Martha E. Conway

(Dec. 2012) I knew after Sandy Hook it wouldn’t be long before renewed screams for gun control were heard, and I knew discourse on mental health couldn’t be far behind, but it was sooner than I could ever have imagined. Between that and now the ambush on first-responders […]

Freeman Returns to Madison County

(DeRuyter, NY – Nov. 2012) New York state’s guru of open government Robert Freeman, executive director for the state’s Committee on Open Government, will speak Nov. 13 at 7 p.m. at the Cuyler Firehouse on Route 13 about three miles southwest of the village of DeRuyter.

The presentation, which is free and open to the […]