By Martha E. Conway

(Town of Sullivan – Jan. 2, 2013) The Sullivan Town Council will hold a work session following its regular meeting Jan. 16 to discuss changes to the town’s quality of life ordinance. The issue has been brought to the board numerous times over the past few years from residents in western and northeastern portions of the town.

Art Lelio, who lives in the Waterbury Road area, asked the town in September to continue its work on the proposed noise ordinance. The latest attention to the matter dates back to March. Lelio said in September that despite reduced complaints in other areas of the town, noise problems in his neighborhood – which include the discharge of firearms – continue.

He said it makes it impossible to sit outside and enjoy his property weekends and evenings.

The current ordinance applies primarily to motor vehicles.

“Shotguns going off for hours on end are far worse than motorcycle and street rods,” Lelio said. “These small changes would help you tune the ordinance to make it more broadly apropos.”

Lelio said he had nothing against hunting, and the current activity is the legal distance from his home, but makes it impossible for him to enjoy his property.

Lelio Wednesday applauded the town board for continuing to work toward a resolution that will best accommodate all Sullivan property owners’ interests.

Supervisor John M. Becker reported that the Sullivan Planning Board meetings have been changed from the second Monday of each month to the second Tuesday of each month at 7:30 p.m.

Reorganization Meeting

The town board passed numerous resolutions during its reorganization meeting. The actions included:

* Reappointing Councilman William Cole as deputy supervisor;

* Appointing Frank Lee Thompson, Michael Sudol and Patrick Lum as chiefs of the Bridgeport, Chittenango and North Chittenango fire companies, respectively;

* Naming Councilman John Brzuszkiewicz as representative to attend the New York State Association of Towns conference in February; Councilman Thomas Kopp was named his alternate.

* Appointing John Langey of Costello, Cooney & Fearon as town attorney, following the December retirement of Donald P. Colella.

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