(Canastota, NY – March 2013) Stoneleigh Housing, Inc. 120 East Center St. in Canastota is administering an Access to Home Grant for elderly Madison County residents (60+).  If you have a permanent disability or are frail and have difficulty with daily activities in your home you may be eligible for assistance.  All applicants must meet income guidelines.

For additional information, contact Stoneleigh Housing at 697-3737.

By martha

One thought on “Access to Home Grant Available to Madison County’s Elderly”
  1. do you have to be elderly for a grant? I know 4 disability adults that live together in a house that needs help with the house they own the house, its needs help, they get disability checks but it only goes so far.the floors are bad and the roof needs help,I have given money but not a lot , I feel sorry for them thanks, or do you know of any other organizations

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