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(Canastota, NY – March 2013) A Wetland Reserve Program (WRP) participating landowners meeting will be held March 23 at 10 a.m. at the GSC office, 8375 N. Main Street. This meeting is being sponsored by the Central New York Wildlife Habitat Management Group (CNYWHMG).

Started by the Great Swamp Conservancy, the CNYWHMG consists of various local, state, and national agencies, organizations and institutions. The goal is to get these organizations to work better with the land owners and educate them to the possible habitat improvements that can be done on their properties through various programs.

The Canastota Muckland Project Focus Area, as the project was once called, was very prestigious and a first of its kind in the nation when started.  Now the group would like to take those concerns, suggestions, questions, and ideas to the USDA-NRCS to see what needs to be done today to assist the landowner and the best way to achieve it.

Participation is needed to gather information from as many WRP members as possible for research purposes.  After 15 years of participation in the WRP in the towns of Lenox and Sullivan it is time for a land owners meeting to gather this information.

Those interested in managing their property may not want to miss this meeting of landowners talking to landowners; no official from any agency will attend.

Representatives from CNYWHMG will take the information to the USDA-NRCS on the landowners’ behalf.


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