To the Editor:

(Madison, NY – March 2013) What is happening in Madison is sad.  A company has come in from another country and deliberately divided what was once a peaceful community.

Representatives from this company are working hard to convince everyone involved that there are only two sides to the debate over windmills when this is clearly not true.  Those of us who are fighting for regulation aren’t fighting to stop the windmills but just want to put reasonable settings on their height and their impact on neighboring people’s lives.   It’s not pro or anti wind.

We despair of our town officials who are not helping us reach a compromise that is fair to everyone.  Instead of an open forum discussion, they say they are going to mail out a survey.  What kind of questions will this survey pose? Will it simply say, “Do you like windmills?”  Who wouldn’t say “yes?” That is not the issue.

Our town board is not facing its obligations.  They are stonewalling discussion. This is a vital issue that will impact Madison and Hamilton and Waterville and Brookfield, yet the interests of the few are overriding the interests of many.

I urge all of the residents of the area to take note of what is happening.  Look at the website  Because Madison does matter.  All of us do.

Barbara Holmes, Madison


By martha

One thought on “Madison Does Matter”
  1. Re “a company from another country,” it seems the peaceable kingdom has been invaded by foreigners. Actually, EDP is an international company that employs many Americans. This company did not come to Madison deliberately to upset Madison Matters. They are not “working hard” to convince anyone of anything. The people of Madison did not need convincing. The debate remains one of pro-wind and anti-wind.

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