(Hamilton, NY – May 20, 2013) Student-athletes were well represented in Colgate University’s 2013 Awards Convocation, which took place Saturday as part of graduation weekend.

Track and field and cross country took home the Team Academic Excellence Award on the men’s side, while basketball earned women’s honors. Individually, lacrosse’s James Queeney, basketball’s Rebekah Ward, football’s Chris Looney, cross country/track and field’s Christopher Wendt, rowing’s Anna Bivins and sports medicine’s David Pudalov all received multiple awards.

Queeney was valedictorian for the Class of 2013. The Reading, Mass., native graduated summa cum laude as a double major in mathematics and mathematical economics, and also was elected to Phi Beta Kappa. In addition, Queeney earned the John T. (Jack) Mitchell Award for the second year in a row, presented to the student-athlete with the highest grade-point average. He also received the Osborne Mathematics Prize and once again was a Charles A. Dana Scholar.

Ward, a Montreal native, picked up the Joseph Huther Prize Fund and a Thomas J. Watson Fellowship. Looney earned the Thomas M. Wilson ’67 Memorial Endowed Leadership Award, and the Verona, N.J. product was honored with the Paul O. Stillman ’55 Award for International Relations. Ward and Looney were both Dana Scholars.

Wendt, who hails from Oakland, Calif., was awarded the Valentine Piotrow German Prize, Douglas K. Reading ’33 History Prize and DAAD Summer Course Grant. Bivins notched the M. Holmes Hartshorne Memorial Award for Excellence in Religion presented for graduate studies. The Auburn, Calif., native also is a Fullbright Scholar to Sri Lanka. Pudalov picked up the Roy Burnett Smith Prize in Chemistry and the Bernard and Sydell Citron Pre-Medicine Scholastic Prize.

Wendt, and Pudalov were both Dana Scholars.

In addition, head coaches Ryan Baker and Dick Biddle also received their Howard Hartman Coach of the Year honors from the Colgate faculty.


Recipient                        Sport     Award Name                                                                                         Department

Chibe Achuko                FB           Cleon O. Morgan Award                                                                   Undergraduate Studies

Natalie Bauman            ROW      Award for Excellence in Spanish Studies                                    Romance Languages

Anna Bivins                     ROW      M. Holmes Hartshorne Memorial Award for Excellence      Religion

Fulbrighr Scholar to Sri Lanka

Andrew Kephart          T&F        Edwin J. Downie ’33 Award                                                              Mathematics

Thomas Larkin               IH            Director of Athletics Award                                                             Athletics

Matthew Levitsky        T&F        George E. Stevenson Prize                                                              Public Speaking

Chris Looney                  FB           Thomas M. Wilson ’67 Memorial Endowed Leadership Award         Athletics

Paul O. Stillman ’55 Award                                                               International Relations

Charles A. Dana Scholar

David Pudalov               SM         Roy Burnett Smith Prize                                                                    Chemistry

Bernard and Sydell Citron Pre-Medicine Scholastic Prize    Health Sciences

Charles A. Dana Scholar

James Queeney           LAX        John T. (Jack) Mitchell Memorial Award                                     Athletics

Osborne Prize                                                                                       Mathematics

Phi Beta Kappa Award

Charles A. Dana Scholar

Ashley Walsh                 SOC        Gottesman Award for Excellence in the Sciences & Athletics           Athletics

Rebekah Ward              BB           Joseph Huther Prize Fund                                                                Athletics

Thomas J. Watson Fellowship

Charles A. Dana Scholar

Christopher Wendt     CC/T&F Valentine Piotrow Prize                                                                    German

Douglas K. Reading ’33 Prize                                                            History

DAAD Summer Course Grant

Charles A. Dana Scholar


Ryan Baker                     VB          Howard Hartman Coach of the Year                                             Faculty

Dick Biddle                      FB           Howard Hartman Coach of the Year                                             Faculty


Men’s Team Academic Excellence Award – Track and Field/Cross Country

Women’s Team Academic Excellence Award — Basketball



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