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(Georgetown, NY – July 2014) In June, a workgroup was established to identify residents’ health concerns if a proposed gas compressor station is built in Sheds in the towns of Georgetown and DeRuyter. The proposed gas compressor station would be added along an already existing gas pipeline. A compressor station would help transport natural gas from one location to another by compressing the gas, thereby increasing its pressure and providing the energy to move the gas through the pipeline.

The workgroup was started by a concerned group of community members and elected officials from the towns of Georgetown and DeRuyter, and also includes representation from the Madison County Health Department. The workgroup seeks to collect information and feedback from the community to ensure that any local concerns are considered during the evaluation of the proposed project by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

Madison County Health Department has hired a consultant to ensure community feedback, comments and health concerns are formally presented to FERC during their evaluation process of the proposed compressor station project. The FERC review process is expected to take several months to complete, with a response expected by the spring of 2015.

The consultant will also design a baseline health study that may be implemented should the proposed project be approved.

Residents from the towns of Georgetown and DeRuyter are encouraged to provide their health concerns and feedback to the workgroup. Comments may be submitted in writing to 995 State Route 26, P.O. Box 103, Georgetown, N.Y., 13072; by email to or by phone at 315.837.4299.

Please submit comments by Aug. 15.

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10 thoughts on “Public Comment Sought on Proposed Gas Compressor Station”
  1. There is alot of talk being said about this compressor in Georgetown on Wilcox Road……well let’s get right to the issues……This compressor is on our property– we have listened,questioned,inquired & listened ,questioned over & over again talking to Dominion representatives, Environmental Noise Control officals, Cultural Resources Specialists & Engineers of the pros & cons with this compressor station on our property…. We have a family with grown children& grandchildern that either live here or visit us at any time….don’t you think that we are concerned with the health issues for our own family????? We have done our homework on this—–WE WOULD NOT subject ourselves to this -if we weren’t fully educated on what is being built on our property….the noise level IS NOT WHAT THEY ARE SAYING IT IS—–IT CANNOT EXCEED a DAY-NIGHT NOISE LEVEL OF 55 DECIBELS!!!! ——- WOW you all are given the wrong information about the noise level among other incorrect information—-PLEASE KEEP WITH THE FACTS NOT,NOT EMOTIONAL INFORMATION that is not fact based on this project….. Do YOU REALLY think that I want something big as “Walmart” on our property????? We moved here to enjoy the BEAUTY of our town but….on the other hand —we want to help our town financially to go forward not to be another poor community in New York State…People get your facts STRAIGHT!!!! not from some ignorant so called townspeople that are making a big UPROAR…believe me -some of our townspeople are really getting EVERYONE in an UPROAR about this compressor because of various REASONS not even PERTAINING TO THE COMPRESSOR that is GOING to be built on our property……if everyone is sooooooo concerned about the environment— lets stop driving cars & trucks,stop heating our homes with oil,wood & propane —-MOST OF ALL—STOP PEOPLE FROM SMOKING CIGARETTES & START LIVING LIKE THE AMISH COMMUNITY LIVES & LIFE GOES ON….sad but true—alot of people DONOT LIKE THEM—figure that one out—-which is totally a different subject!!! Educate yourselves PEOPLE-_not from these ANGRY–Narrow Minded group that is INCORRECTLY GIVEN YOU WRONG INFORMATION!!!!!


  3. Wow Debbie….you really believe that? Well just for your information –we have very profitable businesses here on our property—this is if you really are so ignorant on what’s going on in this area—before you open your mouth -do yourself & the rest of you so called concerned townspeople—-GET THE CORRECT INFORMATION–THE FACTS not what you WANT to THINK or SAY Debbie….we love it here—we have family here…..and yes -WE ALL WILL PROFIT from this compressor—-understand compressor–NOT FRACKING–NOT A HUGE BUILDING>>>something that just PUSHES the EXISTING GAS THRU MORE EFFIICIENTLY…. You need to do some serious reading upon this issues BEFORE you open your mouth………Thank you

  4. I’ve read Dominions 800 page document, volume 1 that is at the library for public viewing. Have you? And your name calling shows how intelligent you are. Just like back in grade school. Shame on you.

  5. Good morning Debbie! We heard first hand from Dominion themselves on this compressor- we do not need to read anything—-if we have or had any concerns, problems or questions –we have talked to the higher authorities …Thank you…..also I donot appreciate your comment on my intelligence because if you had any—you wouldnt be commenting so nasty like that—WE KNOW THE FACTS STRAIGHT OUT OF THE HORSES MOUTH —do you??? Not by reading a book—-we have FACT BASED ANSWERS from DOMINOIN–have you talked to them on the phone? Yes -there are alot of townspeople that are SPREADING RUMORS—-that ARE NOT FACT BASED NOR TRUE—so I still stick to my comment–very ignorant & JEALOUS townpeople here…So if you call that grade school or intelligence—so be it–everyone has an opinion just like other things……smile—have a wonderful day Debbie!!!

  6. Just one more thing I need to get off my back—-talk about name calling,grade school & intelligence—some people in these towns are saying such NASTY WORDS to us on our phone leaving messages with PROFANITY!!! You know who you are—also approaching certain one of MY FAMILY MEMBERS threatening to hurt this MY FAMILY MEMBER—-TALK ABOUT NAME CALLING,GRADE SCHOOL,INTELLIGENCE -what would you call that Debbie—AND YES—WE HAVE UPSTANDING WITNESSES THAT WANTED TO CALL THE STATE TROOPERS ON THIS so -called TOWNSPERSON—they know who HE IS!!! Sooooo please what words do you Debra have for that??? He is a very troubled,jealous townperson— soooo sad the EXTREMES SOME PEOPLE GO TO DUE TO IGNORANCE & JEALOUSY—like I stated before…..Thank You Debra for you time…..

  7. The name is Deborah, not Debra. The devil will promise you anything to get what it wants. This is the good old USA. Freedom of speech. You believe what you want to believe and the rest of us can believe what we believe to be true. Best of Luck. ENOUGH SAID ON THIS AS IT’S GOING NOWHERE. Have a great day and a better tomorrow. THE END!!!!

  8. “Steuben County’s (NY) Woodhill compressor station is not only the greatest source of pollutants in the county, it’s approximately 3 times greater a polluter than the Corning glass manufacturing plant; and the compressor station also emits nearly 3 times the number of different pollutants than Corning does.”
    “Landowners often complain about noise levels associated with natural gas compressors. The noise level varies with the size of the compressor and distance from the compressor; and it changes with shifts in wind direction and intensity. According to the Powder River Basin Resource Council, ‘Depending on the wind direction, the roar of a field compressor can be heard three to four miles from the site. Near the compressor stations, people need to shout to make themselves heard over the sound of the engines.'”
    Complaints from a compressor station, currently operating in Steuben County, NY.
    Do your own research. The community will decide.

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