Bill Magee
Bill Magee

“Today the Assembly released its budget proposals as it relates to the state’s investment in our transportation system,” said Assemblyman Bill Magee. “We have taken major steps to invest in our local roads to ensure safe travel for our families and businesses.

“Every day in Upstate New York we depend on town roads, city streets, and county highways to get us to work and play, and to get products to market. To keep our roads safe and smooth, we have proposed to increase funding for the Consolidated Highway Improvement Program (CHIP) to $488 million, an increase of $50 million over the executive proposal. This will also help keep our local construction workers busy maintaining our highways. In addition, with the understanding that public transit is a necessity to many, we also are proposing to include an increase of $15 million for upstate transit systems.

“Recognizing the high cost paid by many farmers when it comes to taking products to market over the Thruway, I made it a priority to see that the Thruway Toll Tax Credit made it into the Assembly’s budget proposal. If approved in the final budget, vehicles owned by farmers using E-Z Pass and used to bring farm goods to market would have tolls eliminated completely through a 100 percent credit. This will save farmers millions across our state and allow them to expand into new markets.”

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