Oneida City Hall*Call to Order / Pledge of Allegiance / Moment of Silence / Roll Call



*Approval of minutes regular meeting 03/01/16

*Approval of Warrant No. 6


1. CLOSEOUT CAPITAL PROJECTS: Approve the closure of Capital Projects for the Municipal Building Roof Replacement (12-06), Dump Truck BAN (12-09), 2013-2014 Street Paving (13-01), 2015 Streambank Revitalization (14-2), 2105 Police Cars (3) (15-2), 2015 Police Equipment (15-3), 2015 Fire Department SCBA (15-5), and 2015 Street Paving (15-5). (Pease)

2. ORDINANCE AMENDMENT: Receive and place on file a proposed Ordinance Amendment to Zoning – Section 190-15 Sign Requirements of the City of Oneida Code and refer to the Planning Commission. (Matzke)

3. BUDGET AMENDMENTS: Approve budget amendments to Police donations and to transfer SCBA Capital Projects funds back to the General Fund. (Pease)

4. CAPITAL PROJECT: Amend the 2016 Capital Plan to include a Capital Project 16-02 for the FEMA Hazard Mitigation Grant – Housing Buyout Program HMPG4031-0035 to be financed with Federal Funding in the amount of $21,193,909, and further authorize the use of $1M from Fund Balance as upfront costs (fully reimbursable), as needed, and further authorize the Mayor to execute any contracts with respect to said project. (Mayor/Pease)

5. MONTHLY REPORTS: Receive and place on file monthly reports from the Chamberlain, City Clerk, City Engineer, Comptroller, Director of Planning and Development, Fire Chief, Police Chief, and Recreation Director, and the 2015 annual reports from the City Clerk and Recreation Department.

6. CAPITAL PROJECT: Authorize the City Engineer to proceed with Capital Project 16-03 –WWTP Vehicle and Equipment Replacement Program, approve the lowest responsible Mini-Bid (NYS Bid #PC66687) from Van Bortel Chevrolet, Inc. in the amount of $32,890.01, authorize the City Engineer to expend funds up to the programmed amount and further authorize the Mayor to sign any and all documents relative to said Capital Project.


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