LETTER: An open letter to the community

To the Editor:
Many of us spent last week preparing for SuperBowl Sunday. We ordered our meat, veggie or fruit trays. We chose our favorite drinks, planned our appetizers, picked out our chips and dip.
But what we may have forgotten are the less fortunate, the hungry in our community who must make difficult decisions. Milk is more expensive than soda and processed foods cheaper than fresh produce – food luxuries that we take for granted but affect food choices for many in our community.
Are you aware that Karing Kitchen served more than 19,000 meals last year? For those individuals, I ask you to share your abundance. Donate to Karing Kitchen, The United Way of Greater Oneida (which supports programs whose mission is to alleviate hunger) or your local food pantry.
Any donation, however small, when added with others, has a positive ripple effect on our community. You are not only helping to address the needs of those in different and often difficult situations, but also letting them know they are part of this community and that they matter; 100 percent of all donations are given out.
So, if you are asking yourself, YES, there is a need. I can be reached at 315.761.8135 for any questions, comments, concerns or pick-up of donations.
I also want to take this time to thank the community for continuing to help break down barriers with my annual Homeless Awareness night (don’t forget to turn your heat down March 24 in solidarity) as well as all the churches, organizations and individuals who continue to support and help Karing Kitchen to operate. It truly could not function without “karing” hearts like yours.

Melissa King, Karing Kitchen Coordinator

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  • Shannon


    Thank you for all you do at Karing Kitchen. It is great when communities pull together.
    I just wanted to mention a program that a lot of people don’t know about. FoodSense. This program is run by the Food Bank of CNY. It provides people (with no income requirement) access to purchase boxes of food on a monthly basis at an inexpensive rate.they include may, vegetables, etc. I feel that the program is a easy for people to get on their feet and stretch their grocery dollar.
    I just thought I would put that out there as an additional option for folks.
    You could get more information on it at the Food Bank website, including the local locations for letting and pick up.

    Again, thank you for all you do!

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