LETTER: Thank you to all our Election Day inspectors

To the Editor:

While much of election administration operates largely behind the scenes, Election Day Inspectors are very much out front on Election Day working directly with voters. Election Day Inspectors work hard to make sure people are in the correct polling place, help voters with registration, and take the needed steps to ensure voters are able to cast their ballot, all while continuously meeting the myriad of challenges that inevitably come up on Election Day.

This past election we trained and deployed 270 Election Day inspectors. All 32 pollsites and 52 Election districts were ready to roll with full staff, plus extras for the busy periods.  Our inspectors range in age from 18 to 94 and all have special talents to bring to the pollsite.  Election Day Inspectors also work very long hours on Election Day; those working all-day shifts are in their polling place from 5:15 am to around 9:30 pm, in reality a half day shift is still an eight-hour day.

Of the 73,000 residents in Madison County there are over 40,000 registered voters, this means that 55 percent of Madison County is registered to vote.  Not a bad number considering residents also include children.  We saw 30,000 voters turn out for the November election, which means 75 percent showed up. Once again, not bad considering the national average was 58 percent.

The work of an Election Day Inspectors is not always easy; however, their role is essential to the functioning of our democracy. Thank you for your service!

Sincerely, Madison County Board of Elections

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