COLUMN: A Confederate Yankee

So I’m tooling on down a back road heading west, when near the end, I spy an indistinct black something in the road. I slow down, thinking it might be4 a child. Turns out to be a big  ol’ tom, and he was really strutting his stuff for the three hens in the field on the right. The two smaller ones scampered across the road, but the third, almost as big as the tom, sauntered leisurely past, pointedly ignoring him. Ol’ tom redoubled his efforts, and the humor of the situation got me laughing out loud. Beautiful birds. He and she disappeared off into the brush on the left.  Marvelous, the diversity and bounty of nature.

Speaking of turkeys. I hope my fellow veterans have been paying attention. Mister Trump has indicated a desire to turn our GI benefits, especially health concerns, into a voucher system to be run by one or more of his billionaire buddies, thereby enriching them at our expense and posing limits on our ability to access service via the V.A. Uh-huh, and how d’ya like the idea of entirely unqualified critters determining your health needs while sucking on the government cow?

Better stay alert, folks, and is a good place to start.

What is it with Republicans, who brag long and loud about how deeply they care about their constituents but do their damnedest to cut needed services while funding projects that are questionable at best and entirely self-serving otherwise? Social security for older folks? Chop that limb right off! Early childhood education? Bah, humbug! Fund research into disease and disability? Fuhgeddaboudit! Oh, and let women decide their own health issues? Noddachance!

Dump barrels of money into the military without Congressional oversight? Hell yeah. I mean, who cares about $600 hammers and $2,000 dollar toilet seats in the officers club? Never mind that America already has the most formidable armed force in the world – gotta make it bigger, stronger.

And what’s all this about the press being the “enemy of the people”? I guess the First Amendment is meaningless to those Republican critters. Unless, of course, it’s applied to the Twitterer-in-Chief, who’s been acting like a twit for months and months now. He, and only he, is guaranteed freedom of speech – or so it seems lately.

Yeah, turkeys. Washington’s got more than enough of them roosting in Congress and the Senate. And it ain’t no use taking a shotgun to ’em and roasting them – those turkeys would taste like – well, let’s not even go there.

It’s time for revolution, folks. Resist!

The Confederate Yankee

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  • Neale McClintock

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    6 400 000 estimated number of the wealthiest people in the US. They control an estimated 80% of the wealth in the US> They need the infrastructure and facilities to do their business and get the workers the jobs and markets to make their fortunes.

    306 600 000 The rest of the estimated population doing what is needed for the rich to make their money

    103 000 000 have served in the military over the years.

    3 200 000 equals 1% of the estimated population.

    1 000 000, about the number of people serving actively in the military now. This represents an estimated 1/3 of a per cent of the population who are supposed to protect the asses of all the rest of us. Think about that for awhile. Thanks, all of you and the ones who served before.!

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