LETTER: Tenney must act to stop health care sabotage

To the editor:

As House and Senate Republicans keep desperately trying to resurrect their devastating health care bills, President Trump made clear that he is going to take his frustration out on hardworking New York families by actively working to undermine the Affordable Care Act. After the repeal effort’s second Senate collapse, he explicitly told Republicans, “We’ll let Obamacare fail.”

What’s worse, Americans are now learning that the Trump Administration is actively spending taxpayer dollars to drive people away from the Affordable Care Act, which causes uncertainty in the marketplace, drives insurers out and increases premiums.

This planned sabotage of our health care system is unacceptable, and it’s Rep. Tenney’s responsibility to put partisan politics aside and work with Democrats to fix the Affordable Care Act and prevent New York families from seeing their health care costs skyrocket without causing millions of Americans to lose their insurance.

Representative Tenney has an obligation to put people first and do all she can to stabilize health insurance markets and keep health care costs from skyrocketing for New York families. President Trump is willing to hurt New Yorkers in a twisted attempt to get his way on health care and Rep. Tenney must work with responsible Democrats to stop President Trump’s health care sabotage.

Evan Lukaske, Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee

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