Griffing Gallery announces new exhibit beginning Thursday

The Griffing Gallery of the Kallet Civic Center will be displaying the nature photography of Syracuse artist, Stephen Verescak, beginning Aug. 31, 2017.

The artist said that he has been interested in photography all of his life. When he retired, he was able to spend more time trying to capture the magic of nature and its wildlife in a single camera shot. After upgrading his equipment and spending more time in the woodlands and traveling the byways of life, Verescak was able to sharpen his skills.

He said he is self-taught and always learning. He said that the photography his viewers see is “nature in its purest form.”

In addition to now exhibiting in the Griffing Gallery, Verescak dows several shows each year at Baltimore Woods Nature Center in Marcellus. They, in turn, have included several of his photos on their posters, cards and website at

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