LETTER: Thanks Oneida Ward 3 voters

To the Editor: An Open Letter to the Democrats & All the Voters of Ward 3

I would like to extend my sincerest thanks to Bill Butler for waging a worthy election effort for the Democratic nomination for Ward 3 City Councilor. He is a true gentleman. My deepest thanks to those Democrats who voted to make me their candidate in the Ward 3 primary contest.

It is an honor to now move on to represent the Democratic Party and the all of the voters (regardless of party affiliation) in this very important contest in the general election Tuesday, Nov. 7.

I look forward to working with all in Ward 3 to further our causes and represent the people of the Ward. I look forward to representing you in Ward 3 to be your strong voice in city matters.

Be sure to like and share my page on Facebook at www.facebook.com/JimCforward3 for updates.

Sincerely, Jim Coulthart, Candidate for Ward 3 Oneida

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