LETTER: Supports John Ball for Sheriff

To the editor:
About 4 years ago, I moved back to my hometown in Madison County after having been away for more than three decades. A lot has changed since my youth in a small town, changes requiring steady and reliable law enforcement.

After living in larger cities that aren’t conducive to easy access to community policing, it has been refreshing to see that Undersheriff John Ball has been a great leader in a county that is struggling with many issues.In the past few years, I have had the opportunity to work with John both directly in my job and see his performance through the media. During both tragedy and triumph, he has shown his calm resolve and foresight.

During the Smithfield tornado, the Oneida floods and stand-off situations he has been a tireless leader that wanted to be sure that the people of this county are being looked after. His work and interactions with community service agencies demonstrate his determination to find long-term solutions to the challenges our communities are facing.

John has been the face of the Madison County Sheriff’s Office and is highly respected by his peers, staff and even by those that may be dealing with the department in not-so-ideal situations.

Having Undersheriff Ball as the Madison County Sheriff will be a great step forward to continue the progress he has made and in assuring that we keep the personable direct policing we have enjoyed and need.

Sam Reeder, Munnsville

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