Brindisi issues statement on court decision favoring Adirondack Scenic Railroad

Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi of Utica issued the below statement, following an order filed today by State Supreme Court Justice Robert Main, Jr., saying the state’s plan to remove a portion of the Remsen-Lake Placid railroad line was arbitrary and capricious:

“Today’s decision is a victory for the thousands of people who have contacted my office over the past several years objecting to the removal of a large segment of the railroad infrastructure on the Remsen to Lake Placid Travel Corridor. Officials with the Adirondack Scenic Railroad have been in limbo for a long time, and this ruling allows them to proceed with plans for a Utica to Lake Placid railroad line. Throughout this debate, it has been my belief that there are many excellent opportunities for hiking, snowmobiling, and other outdoor activities in the Adirondacks, and that having a railroad traveling north from Utica to the High Peaks region will bring more visitors to the Adirondacks, and will help boost its economy.

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