LETTER: Supports Jones for clerk

To the Editor:

Ann Jones offers many years of experience specifically relevant to the responsibilities of the Office of the County Clerk in Wampsville. Many of us have observed Ann’s ability to oversee complex projects at the same time as she volunteers in her community and cares for her family.

We may not also know that her qualifications include an undergraduate degree from SUNY Cortland and a master’s degree in public administration from Marist College. But we have observed how, without political bias, Ann Jones effectively and enthusiastically teaches election inspectors to deploy complex equipment and to guarantee the right to vote.

In this arena and others, Ann has demonstrated confident competence in using new technologies and patience in teaching their use. She aims to keep the Clerk’s office moving forward with ever-improved techniques for maintaining records and for serving the public.

Ann effectively communicates, with warmth and friendliness as well as clarity and organization. The Civil Service Employees Association, the NY Building and Construction Trades Council and the Central New York Area Labor Federation endorse Ann Jones. They recognize a hard worker when they see one.

Vote for Ann Jones.

Wanda Warren Berry, Hamilton

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