Caz Presbyterian to host missionaries from Korean Christian Federation

On Sunday, Nov. 5, the First Presbyterian Church of Cazenovia will host mission co-workers Rev. Kurt Esslinger and Hyeyoung Lee to lead the 10 am worship service and further discussion during coffee hour after worship. They will share the story of their work with the National Council of Churches of Korea.

This Council maintains a relationship with the Korean Christian Federation of North Korea and advocates for the respectful and peaceful reconciling of the ongoing Korean conflict.

Kurt and Hyeyoung are excellent interpreters of current events in Korea as well as the history of Korea, particularly concerning the role the U.S. played and continues to play in that history. This service should be inspirational and informative.

If you are looking for an open and friendly place to celebrate Sunday morning worship, the Cazenovia Presbyterian Church welcomes you. Child Care and Sunday School are available during the service. For more information contact the church at 315.655.3191 or

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