LETTER: Vote for John Ball for Madison County Sheriff

To the Editor:
As the Madison County Sheriff, Al Riley brought new and exciting changes and improvements to the Madison County Sheriff’s Office,  increasing their standing in the law enforcement community and earning recognition beyond the state, recognition within New York and the respect of other counties.
It shouldn’t be lost on people that he didn’t do it alone. When Al was elected, he searched the law enforcement community for someone he could partner with who would help to ensure the success of his efforts, work toward those improvements and help to realize the common goal of achieving excellence.
He could have picked anyone he wanted, and Al selected John Ball as his undersheriff and partner.
In the many years that John has served as undersheriff, his obligations included acting as the sheriff in the absence of Al, and today he is the sheriff and hardly a day goes by without an accomplishment being praised in the media.
Don’t be confused by the politics of this. If you are happy to see the progress and achievements of the Sheriff’s Office under its leadership, if you’re happy with the budget discipline exhibited by them, you should vote for John and continue the progress that has been made. We are only a short time away from concluding a years-long certification process and my understanding of the rules of that certification is that they require consistency in administration; disruption of that consistency means that the office would have to begin the five-year process anew.
Vote for John Ball on election day – Nov. 7, 2017; let’s continue to meet and exceed the high standards we demand of that office.
Mike Oot, Oneida

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