COLUMN: The Confederate Yankee

Hillary was right – there are a lot of deplorables among us.

Thing is, calling names and then ignoring folks isn’t really a wise thing to do. Deplorable or not, folks have real concerns, regardless of whether they themselves quite understand them. These folks are our fellow citizens, and they deserve thoughtful answers and not being marginalized.

When they felt their concerns were being discounted, they reacted by voting for the most incompetent and untruthful guy in the country.

He will not and cannot drain the swamp. He cannot restore jobs in the coal industry, which is in an irreversible decline worldwide. He cannot restore a good many manufacturing jobs, which have been taken over by improved methods and by robotics. Industry is not about to stop using robotic tools, which can do the same jobs humans used to do, which don’t need time off, don’t call in sick, don’t need lunch or bathroom breaks and don’t agitate for better pay and benefits. A robot isn’t going to get all squirrel-like over issues like sexism or racism. It’s just going to keep on doing what it’s designed to do.

Why would you, if you were the plant manager, want to go back to human labor with all the accompanying baggage?

And of course it’s not all Hillary’s fault. Both major parties continue to make a botch of it with their endless bickering, name-calling and their basic incompetence. The industrial world isn’t going back to the Twentieth century, and American workers have to change and grow with the times.

It appears that our national leadership really has no clue as to what we really need from them, which is a firm grasp on how people need to upgrade their work skills.
We’ve gotta go back to school because more and more jobs demand skills many of us simply don’t have. But how’re we going to do that while trying to feed and house our families? Going about on our own means going without a paycheck: who’s going to pay the light bill? The heat bill? How do we fill that fridge? Ya don’t answer the kids’ complaints of hunger with a shrug! How do we pay for that needed schooling and job training?

We need financial assistance rather than a POTUS who frets about his image and prattles about Fake News.

We need government that reacts positively to the nation’s needs, and we don’t have that.

Republicans in particular rant about “government overreach” yet sit on their obese behinds and don’t reach at all in areas that matter.

Drain the swamp? Those suckers ARE the swamp – and they have plenty of company from the other side of the aisle!

As it always has been, it’s up to us – to you and me – to inspire the Powers That Be. Let’s start jerking their chains. Let both major parties know we’re not going to keep on standing for endless piles of steaming, smelly manure, and it better stop or jobs will be lost on Capitol Hill.

We do that at the ballot box, tempting though it is to want to lay it on them with pitchforks and bullwhips. We tell ’em that it don’t matter whether they’re Democrats or Republicans, Libs or Cons: things can’t continue as they are.

Tell ’em to stop squalling like kindergarten kiddies who haven’t had their afternoon naps, lock their heels and make ’em cooperate and compromise and get ‘er done!

William Mayers of Sullivan is a retired senior U.S. Army Corpsman. A certified healthcare professional since 1964, he holds two professional licenses, including that of Registered Professional Nurse licensed in New York, Alaska, Virginia and Louisiana. He is the father of three and avid analyst of current events.

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