LETTER: Ann Jones is the serious choice for Madison County Clerk

To the Editor:

I recently returned home to find a large glossy campaign flyer in my mailbox. Screaming out in capital letters were the words We have to make a SERIOUS CHOICE for Madison County Clerk, then offered who it thought would be better suited for the position.
I am sick to death of campaign material that is simply an avenue to bash another human being. If you have the skills and integrity for the position, you don’t need to smear your opponent.
I was more than offended; I was incensed by its choice of wording and feel compelled to reply.
Ann Jones is a woman of integrity; I take that seriously.
She is motivated, dedicated and hardworking; I take that seriously.
Yes, she ran previously for the position and it was a very close race; I take that seriously. In fact, she is so serious and passionate about the position, she is running again. Sounds like serious dedication to me.
She’s been caring for a sick spouse while holding down a full-time job serving the public daily at the Board of Elections in Wampsville, right down the hall from the Clerk’s office with heavy interaction; sounds like she’s seriously familiar with the position.
What I can’t figure out is why the opposition doesn’t take her seriously? Is it because she is a woman? Could that still be an issue for some folks in 2017? Well, that IS a serious problem because women vote in Madison County and we like to be taken seriously as citizens who matter.
The campaign might want to spend some time outside of Chittenango and get to know ALL of Madison County’s vast territories the clerk position serves.
Many of us are farmer’s wives, like Ann Jones, and that’s serious business. In fact, Since farming is also a business, that makes Ann Jones a serious businesswoman, too.
And just like the other candidate, she was a teacher, and she’s got some serious education behind her.
If you have to drag someone’s name through the mud to get your votes, that screams insecurity to me, and I take that seriously.
I’m more interested about why someone who is a mayor is running for clerk; that’s odd. Why would anyone aspire to a lesser position? Huh. How will you remain working as a full-time teacher, run a personal business, and be a clerk for all of Madison County full-time?
Those are some serious questions for you.
Linda Haley, Canastota

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