COLUMN: We will get through this, together

NYS Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman

By NYS Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman

The Oct. 31 attack was a senseless and cowardly act of terror against our city, our state, and our nation.

Like all of you, I woke up today with a heavy heart. I am mourning the eight innocent men and women whose lives were cut short. I am thinking of their families and loved ones, and of the injured victims who are only just beginning their recovery.

And I am grateful for the NYPD and all of our first responders, who worked tirelessly yesterday to keep us safe, and who reported for duty today, again ready to put their lives on the line to protect us.

For many of us, the attack was deeply personal. Even if you don’t live or work near the site of the attack, the memories of 9/11 remain fresh and painful for all New Yorkers.

New York values — our dynamism, our openness, our diversity, our compassion — will always make us a target.

But we will not be intimidated. We will not be deterred.

We all get to choose how we respond to this cowardly attack. Let us be vigilant, but unbowed — and never give in to fear or hate.

Please stay safe and be good to each other today. We will get through this, together.

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