LETTER: Tenney must disavow Roy Moore and RNC support in 2018

To the Editor:

Last night, the Republican National Committee reentered the Alabama special Senate election in order to support the candidacy of accused child molester, Roy Moore. Moore has been accused by multiple women of sexually assaulting them, including one victim who was 14 years old when Moore molested her. In light of the RNC’s decision to endorse and support electing a child molester to the United States Senate, the DCCC is calling on Rep. Tenney to disavow accused child molester Roy Moore and refuse RNC support in the 2018 campaign.

Washington Republicans have disappeared into the abyss with this decision to endorse and support electing a child molester to the Senate. Rep. Tenney must unequivocally disavow Roy Moore and refuse the support of the Republican National Committee in 2018. Any organization that spends money to elect suspected child molesters has no business spending money in New York and Rep. Tenney needs to do the right thing now or explain to voters later why standing with Washington Republicans was more important than standing up to a child molester.

In addition to his history of sexual assault, Roy Moore has ruled in favor of defendants in cases of sexual assault and co-authored a course that said women shouldn’t be allowed to run for office.

Evan Lukaske, DCCC Spokesman

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