LETTER: Thanks helpers and customers

Thanks helpers and customers

To the Editor:

We would like to take a moment to thank all our customers for another fantastic season. Thank you all for sharing with us the memories you make while visiting the farm – from friendly snowball fights to kids and dogs romping through the fields, we enjoy watching your families growing up. We also thank our customers for their interest in our new ornament line – if there’s anything you didn’t see and would like us to order, let us know soon! Our order has to be submitted in a few days.

Thank you for the overwhelming support of Trees for Troops, with the largest-ever shipment of trees leaving the farm this year. You are helping to make a difference for service-members and their families and proving just how generous the people of Central New York really are.

Thank you for sharing the start of the colored tree frenzy – we’ll be participating in Open Farm Day in July and taking deposits to reserve colored trees for next season that day.

We also want to thank all of those who generously donated their time and labor – overwhelming made up of family and family friends – to making this effort a success each year:

For planting, preparation and setup help, thank you Henry, Kameron, Chris, Marshall and Jim.

For help with trimming, thank you Charlene and Ellen.

For help in the fields, loading trees onto vehicles and other outdoor work, thank you, Kaitlin, Blake, Bridget, Maddy, Glenn and our newest helper, Brandon.

Thank you, Lisa, Ellen, Charlene, Sarah, Abby, Janet, Cathy and Kathy for their help with Trees for Troops, wreath-making and shop help. It takes a lot of to keep the front end going!

Thank you, www.MadisonCountyCourier.com,  LocalSYR’s Sydney Chalifoux and Farah Jadran, ABC Rochester’s Matt Malloy and ABC’s The Chew for their interest in Trees for Troops and/or painted trees.

We’d like to give a big shout-out to Diana at Gary’s on the Lake in Verona Beach for helping keep the crew fed.

Finally, this season is dedicated to our good friend and dedicated Santa, Doug Jaquays, who couldn’t make it in this year. Doug has been Santa for the farm for almost as many years as we’ve been open, making a huge positive impact on our family and for every family visiting our tree farm.


Dewey Romagnoli, Jr.

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