Hamilton College issues scam alert
Hamilton College has been made aware of a scam that involves salespeople approaching area businesses to purchase advertising for printed materials (e.g., academic or varsity sports calendars, folders, pamphlets, flyers, etc.) that they claim will be distributed on campus.
The advertising salespeople insinuate a relationship with the college that does not exist. Hamilton has filed a complaint with the New York Attorney General’s Office to protect local businesses.
If you are approached to purchase an advertisement by a salesperson who claims to be working with the college, please get the person’s name, phone number, the company they represent and a copy of the contract, if possible, and contact Hamilton Campus Safety Director Frank Coots (315.859.4141) or Communications Director Mike Debraggio (315.859.4654) for verification.
Some student organizations (the student newspaper and magazine, for example) legitimately produce materials for distribution on campus and welcome the support of local businesses. We can help differentiate between legitimate requests and those that are fraudulent. If your business has already paid for an advertisement, please contact Frank Coots, who can help determine if the payment was legitimate.

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