LETTER: Tenney earns support of blue collar workers

To the Editor:

Recently, Congresswoman [Claudia] Tenney was endorsed by the union that represents Remington Arms. Remington Arms is a historic company and a great asset to our region. They are the oldest gun manufacturer in the country that creates needed jobs in our region. My brother had a wonderful career there raised a great family and retired after many years of employment.

It was encouraging to see that their union members have a great relationship with Rep. Tenney and endorsed her campaign once again.

Rep. Tenney stood by them through layoffs, changes in the market and Cuomo’s SAFE Act that hurt their company immensely. In Congress, she continues to stand up for the Second Amendment and fight to make sure their union members receive their pensions.

I’m glad that an important group in our community supports our Congresswoman. It shows that she is fighting for us.

Jim Zecca, Utica

By martha

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