ICYMI: Stirpe hosting 12th annual Lifesavers Blood Drive today

Al Stirpe

ICYMI: Stirpe hosting 12th annual Lifesavers Blood Drive today

Assemblyman Al Stirpe (D-Cicero) announced that he will be hosting his 12th annual Lifesavers Blood Drive in conjunction with the American Red Cross on Tuesday, July 17, from noon to 8 p.m. at Driver’s Village, 5885 E. Circle Drive in Cicero.

“Donating blood is simple, but it really does save lives,” Stirpe said. “Blood donations can help so many people – victims of tragic accidents, patients undergoing chemotherapy and people with blood disorders. Giving blood truly is giving the gift of life to someone in need.”

Last year, Stirpe’s drive collected 165 units of bloods for the American Red Cross thanks to the generosity of Central New York donors. Stirpe’s goal this year is to collect 170 units of blood to help save even more lives. The Lifesavers Blood Drive has collected 1,325 units of blood to date. Stirpe is inviting first-time as well as experienced donors to come out and help ensure local hospitals can meet demand for blood this summer.

It’s critical that hospitals and blood banks have a diverse supply of blood to meet the unique needs of recipients, Stirpe noted. Most of us know about the eight common blood types, but there are also a large number of rare ones that can make finding a match difficult. Once collected by the Red Cross, red cells, platelets and plasma are separated for transfusions. Samples of the blood are then tested to determine the type and ensure its safe.[1]

To ensure a healthy and safe donation, participants must weigh at least 110 pounds, maintain a healthy iron level, stay hydrated and drink an additional 16 ounces of water after donating. Donors must be at least 17 years old, or 16 with parental consent, and provide their donor card, a valid driver’s license or two other forms of identification.

Walk-ins are welcome, but to help make the process smoother, participants can preregister online by completing the RapidPass via the Red Cross website 24 hours before the event and access pre-donor materials. The Red Cross sponsor code is Al Stirpe.

You can also register for the 2018 Lifesavers Blood Drive by contacting Assemblyman Stirpe’s office at 315-452-1115 or by emailing StirpeA@nyassembly.gov.

[1] redcrossblood.org/donate-blood/blood-donation-process/what-happens-to-donated-blood.html

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