LETTER: Trump actions are suspect

LETTER: Trump actions are suspect

To the Editor:

Many of us in America suspect the reason Trump meets autocrats alone like Kim Jung-un and Vladimir Putin is because he is being controlled. The Trump meeting with Kim Jung-un in Singapore delivered a concession to North Korea; Trump agreed to end military exercises with South Korea.

On the world stage, in my opinion and many others, Trump is dividing America by only sending dog whistles to his base, combined with insulting allies of the United States of America. It is my notion, the firing of James Comey, the former FBI Director, the pulling out of the Climate Change agreement, ending the Iran Nuclear agreement, the decision to move the Embassy to Jerusalem to declare Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and now the tariff against our allies are all on Vladimir Putin’s wish list to make trouble for our allies and America.

What does Vladimir Putin have on Donald Trump to have him under his control? Could it be funds were given to Trump from Russia during a bankruptcy, or could it be the suspected pee-pee tapes?

Anyhow, if all the above has some truth, we have a treasonous president in open sight under a majority Republican-controlled Congress.

​Alfred Waddell, Marstons Mills, Mass.

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