LETTER: Oppose dynamic messaging sign in Hamilton village

To the Editor:

The Village Board of Trustees has asked for resident reaction to a proposed digital sign at the southern end of the village green. The stated intent is for public service announcements.

I urge those who want to persevere the green to express opposition to the proposal.

  • Frederick Law Olmstead, famed landscape architect wrote, “A park is a place where all classes come to gather equally to enjoy the treasures of knowledge. Don’t worship the auto as it drives past. Stop and get out and enjoy the smell of flowers, swaying of leaves, walk the meandering paths and meet others.”
  • At its planned location and at the posted speed, a lighted and changing sign will distract passing
    motorists and ultimately result in bicyclist-car and car-car accidents.
  • It will detract from the tranquility and natural aesthetics of the village green. Existing zoning protects the green from the intrusion of noise, smells, congestion, commercialization coming from adjacent properties and visual dissonance with natural surroundings.
  • Erecting the sign will be the first step to opening the green to intrusive projects because in 2018, the village lacked the will and foresight to protect this special property.
  • It is true we no longer rely on print media for information. If digital is the answer, then upgrade the village’s technology to allow reverse text and e-mail messaging to everyone requesting to be on the digital mailing list. Push one key and information is sent to the vast majority of residents who already have iPhones or computers. Apply for an FCC service grant for a public access channel and replicate what S-E does for that community.
  • Why not locate the sign on property the village already owns in areas where similar signs already exist? (past Wendt’s, the pocket park at Eaton and Utica, or University property on Broad Street).

Visit the village website, click on “Community” and click on “Digital Sign.” Express opposition to a well-intended but misguided effort that will harm a most prized asset.

Sam Cooper, Hamilton

By martha

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