LETTER: Katko ad misleading, condescending

LETTER: Katko ad misleading, condescending
To the Editor:
The season of lies, lies and more lies continues. A recent Katko ad portrays Dana Balter advocating doubling our taxes. Checking the source of this quote reveals a very different scenario; she does not advocate or say she would double our taxes; rather she is referring to the recent tax law which WILL double our taxes, a move that John Katko approved.
Further,  the voice-over in this ad has a very condescending tone to make people believe that being a”visiting assistant professor” is somehow bad. As an academic, I find this reprehensible. John, if you were one of my students and did this, you would fail.
Shame on you, John, and shame on the people who wrote this, but ultimately you own it. Voters of the 24th Congressional District, pay attention to the ads, and don’t believe everything you see and hear.
Check the facts.
Carol Coufal, Cazenovia

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  • Mary H Whelley

    Thank you for the clarification…the other side of the story… unfortunately the public volunteers such as yourself now need to separate TRUTH from the self-serving BS….”alternative facts” have become a political mainstay!! Again, THANK YOU for your clarification letter! HWB

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