Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi

Brindisi endorsed by state and local fire fighter organizations

The New York State Professional Fire Fighters Association announced their endorsement of Anthony Brindisi today in front of a crowd of over 40 fire fighters, emergency service workers, healthcare workers, and other union members at the Utica Central Fire Station.

Leaders from fire departments across the district and state were in attendance, including Sam Fresina, president of the NYSPFFA, Tom Carcone, president of the Utica Professional Fire Fighters Local 32, Jim McGowan, secretary-treasurer of the NYSPFFA, Mike McManus, past president of the NYSPFFA, and David Holleran, vice president of the NYSPFFA and president of the Binghamton local Professional Fire Fighters Association.

“Fire fighters put their lives on the line for us day in and day out. They deserve a strong advocate in Congress who will fight for them and stand up to attacks on organized labor,” said Brindisi. “I have close friends who work in the Utica fire department, and it’s been an honor representing them in the Assembly, working to make sure they have the funding and resources they need to keep us safe. I’m proud to have their support today.”

Brindisi has been a hardworking advocate for fire fighters his entire legislative career. He fought to secure $250,000 in state funding for the local fire station in Utica to replace an old emergency response vehicle with a new one. Brindisi also introduced a bill to protect first responders, making it a hate crime to attack police, fire fighters, and emergency service workers responding to disasters and emergencies.

“Anthony has been a tireless advocate for Utica fire fighters,” said Tom Carcone. “The 22nd Congressional District deserves a man like him. We need an independent voice who will put our priorities – the priorities of working families and first responders – first. I’ve seen him fight for us in the Assembly, and I’m supporting him because I know he’ll keep fighting for us in Congress.”

“Anthony always takes his time to learn about the problems people are facing to advocate on their behalf,” said Sam Fresina. “He fights harder than anyone, and most importantly he gets the job done. He’s not afraid to work with the other side of the aisle to make sure everyone he represents is taken care of. That’s what we need in Washington.”

In addition to the support of the professional fire fighters associations, Brindisi has the backing of a wide variety of organized labor groups including the New York AFL-CIO, USW, IBEW, SEIU, AFGE and more.

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