Pictured from left are Earlville Troop 5 Assistant Scout Leader Barney Misch, Earlville Troop 5 Boy Scout Maxwell Collins, Scouter of the Year Monte Bennett and Earlville Troop 5 Scout Leader Charles Perkins.

On Sunday, March 10, 2019, the Earlville Troop 5 Boy Scouts held their annual Scout and Scouter celebration; the event recognizes a Boy Scout who helps to lead the Troop and assist younger Scouts in the program.

The Scouter award goes to an adult who has supported the Troop for a period of time and is usually someone who has been involved in Scouting for a number of years.

The awards this year go to Earlville Troop 5 Boy Scout Maxwell Collins and Scouter Monte Bennett.

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