A Very Serious Question

By Jim Coufal

I will ask a very serious question, but first some preface is necessary. In the book ”Does God Exist?” contributing philosopher Keith Parsons says ”…there are some beliefs that I regard as so bizarre, so utterly groundless or contrary to well-known facts, that I have a hard time seeing how any intelligent, educated person could believe them.”

In my searching, watching, reading and analysis, I find support for Donald Trump is so bizarre, I ask out of a serious concern: Why do you support Trump?

I am not baiting anyone. I seriously ask why you support Trump when:

  • In the 2016 campaign he mocked and bullied a disabled reporter. Some have said that should have been enough.
  • He offered to pay legal expenses if a supporter at his rally punched a non-supporter.
  • He has been caught in more than 20,000 lies in four years. They are often made one day and denied the next.
  • He doesn’t keep promises. (He promised to reduce the national budget deficit. It has increased trillions of dollars.) I won’t play as much golf as Obama did. (He’s played two times more, often at his own course, and we pay for him to play.)
  • He doesn’t need advisors; he’s a genius. He is the greatest and he knows more about nuclear weapons, etc., etc., etc., than the experts.
  • He will drain the swamp (of Obama appointees). His cabinet and other high-ranking appointees change faster than you can keep track of. He fires them because they are disloyal to him, because they are indicted and convicted. Further appointees are asked to swear loyalty not to the people or the Constitution, but to him personally.
  • He has separated children from their parents, saying it’s okay for the kids to sleep on concrete floors.
  • His gaffes are numerous, such as saying American Revolutionary forces captured airplane runways in the Revolutionary War.
  • He has pulled us out of international treaties (Paris Accord) and threatened to pull us out of NATO.
  • He admires past and present totalitarian leaders.
  • He trusts Putin more than our intelligence services.
  • His actions are condemned around the globe and made us the laughing-stock of the world.
  • He has overruled 82 previous environmental laws so as to allow water and other pollution and to harm rare and threatened flora and fauna.
  • He has directed actions to increase his own wealth and that of his family, which is clearly unconstitutional.
  • His tax laws increase the wealth of billionaires while sending pittances to the poor.
  • He overplayed the coronavirus pandemic to protect his own interests.
  • He governs (riles up his followers) using more than 25,000 tweets since 2017.
  • He has endorsed 13 federal executions since July 2020, after a 17-year federal hiatus, and plans for more.
  • He refuses to accept defeat in the election and has filed myriad law suites to have them overturned (losing them in courts of both Democratic and Republican judges), thus sowing division instead of MAGA.

All the above came off the top of my head; you can find the evidence if you look.

So why do you … how can you support trump and his minions?

Editor’s note: Jim Coufal of Cazenovia is a part-time philosopher and full-time observer of global trends. He can be reached at madnews@m3pmedia.com.

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