To the Editor:

To the voters in the Canastota Central School District, I am proud to offer my personal endorsement of Scott Blanchard in the school board election May 17.

While I was Town Supervisor of Lenox, I always worked hard to keep our town a great place to raise your kids. It’s important to me that we elect people that share that drive to help people, and people that will work to leave our town better for everyone than it was when they started. Our school board needs people with the energy, dedication, and experience to work together to make a program and a budget that will benefit our area to the utmost possible extent. I believe Scott Blanchard is the man for the job.

I’ve known Scott for five years now, and in that time he has shown his dedication to serving our community. I was proud to appoint him to the Canastota Recreation Commission and the Lenox Planning Board, and I am very happy with the work he has done in those roles. Scott has worked hard to help create programs that enrich our community, and he has shown level-headed, thoughtful decision-making in both positions. The qualities he has shown make him an asset to the town, and I think he would be a great addition to the school board.

Scott has served the town in public positions, he’s a frequent volunteer for community projects, and he’s a lifetime resident of the town. He was a substitute teacher while my grandson went to Canastota High School, and he’s been an English teacher for the Utica City School District for almost five years now. The energy, experience, and dedication he has shown make him an excellent choice for the school board. We need to have teachers on the school board, and we especially need people like Scott who have shown a commitment to serving our community. I hope you’ll join me when I vote for Scott Blanchard on May 17th.

Rocky DiVeronica, Canastota

By martha

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