The Madison County Youth Bureau requests proposals from community-based non-profit organizations, public agencies and Madison County municipalities for funding for programs with the objective of fostering positive youth development.

Programming must be designed for youth who reside in Madison County.

Limited funds are available for the delivery of youth services, opportunities and supports starting Jan. 1, 2024; money must be spent by Dec. 31, 2024. Programs may run the full term or less.

Eligible programs must provide community-level services designed to promote positive youth development responding to locally identified youth needs in Madison County. Eligible programs must be outcome-based and provide quantifiable and verifiable indicators by which program performance will be measured. All programs seeking funding must track outcome measures for the service, opportunity and support the program is addressing.

RFPs are available at and will follow the Madison County Purchasing Department bidding process. Additional RFPs under the Youth Bureau will be released for OCFS Youth Team Sports and OCFS Youth Sports Education and Opportunity Funding.

It is recommended all interested parties sign up to receive automatic notifications. Visit the link above to register for notifications.

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