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(Wampsville, NY) This week, sheriffs from across New York state met in Albany to carefully review the NY Safe Act. At the conclusion of the week, the sheriffs in attendance in conjunction with the NYS Sheriffs’ Association formulated a formal position statement.

There are a number of provisions in the law that I, along with other sheriffs, felt were helpful to law enforcement officials and our citizens. There were also a number of the provisions that caused a concern to me and other sheriffs. We believed that these provisions of concern should be reexamined by our governor and our legislators.

There are six provisions of the new law that I believe will improve the safety of our citizens:

1) Restricting the Freedom of Information Law request regarding pistol permit holders;

2) The killing of emergency first-responders would be an automatic aggravated or first-degree charge, requiring life without parole;

3) National Instant Criminal Background Check check on private sales of firearms;

4) Comprehensive review of mental health records for issuance of new permits and to determine if revocations of current permits are required for mental health reasons;

5) Safe storage of firearms; and

6) Increased penalties for illegal use of weapons.

There are other provisions that were reviewed I believe need to be revisited:

1) Assault weapon ban and the definition of assault weapons is too broad and prevents the law-abiding gun owner the possession of such firearms that are legitimately used for hunting, target shooting and self-defense.

2) Inspection of schools by state agencies, which gives them the responsibility to review safety plans. The funding for such review will be given to these state agencies to implement such safety plans. I believe that sheriffs and local police agencies can perform these duties effectively and efficiently.

As the chief law enforcement officer of the county, I feel that sheriffs and local police agencies are in the best position to know the security needs of the schools in their jurisdiction. The state should pass this funding onto the sheriff and local police agencies to keep our schools safe because we are already deeply involved in school safe plans.

3) Reduction of magazine capacity will not reduce gun violence. This will unfairly limit the ability of law-abiding citizens to purchase firearms in New York state.

4) Recertification of pistol permits and registration of existing assault weapons has been delegated to the state police. This conflicts with the duties of the sheriffs’ office regarding the issuance of pistol permits. These records should be maintained at a local level and should be accessible to the sheriffs’ office.

The sheriff’s office has always been responsible for the initial investigation of pistol permit applications and pistol permit records. All of this information should be maintained at the local level and forwarded to a state data base for law enforcement use.

5) Sale of ammunition needs to be clarified. As sheriff of Madison County, I have taken an oath of office to uphold the constitution of the state of New York and the Constitution of the Untied States. The NY Safe Act, as recently passed, requires me to reaffirm the oath I swore to uphold; I understand my Constitutional obligations and the concerns of my constituents.

This office will continue to enforce all laws of New York state and will protect the rights of all Madison County citizens. The safety and well-being of our community will remain my top priority.

Allen Riley, Madison County Sheriff

By martha

4 thoughts on “Sheriffs Converge to Discuss NY Safe Act”
  1. I agree and support the sheriffs if NYS.
    Aside from the many limitations the NY SAFE ACT imposes on law-abiding citizens, the manner in which in was passed is of great concern. Gov. Cuomo rammed this law thru late at night without allowing reasonable review or debate. Shame on Cuomo’s administration.
    Thanks to NYS SHERIFFS for their ability to think rationally.

  2. Thank you NYS sheriffs to provide some rational thought to this issue. I agree 100% with all of your comments on this new law. I hope our representatives in Albany listen.

  3. Thank you Sherriff Riley for asessing the comprehensive situation in order to provide an effective solution! The legislation was a political grand stand for the governor and those that supported it. The question is are we paying attention to the right things. Here are some statistics 597,000 people died of heart desease, 443,000 died from cigarettes, 30,000 died from firearms, of those 19,000 were suicides, 11,000 were homicide or other, 10,000 people died from drunk drivers and lastly there were over 1 million abortions.Tax dollars pay for abortions, we still sell cigarettes and we don’t limit alcohol sales to 2 ounce containers! Just Google “leading causes of death in USA” for the stats.

  4. Now that Adolf Cuomo has stated that mental health providers need not comply with the law that it is up to them to decide weather or not they speak up or not. this law will have little or no affect on any one but the legal gun owner. This law was designed to go after legal guns, & gun owner in the first place and that’s all!!
    No criminal is going to care about the limit on the number of bullets he can put in his magazine, and he surely is not going to register his stolen gun.
    and as far as re-registering our pistol permits, look how many year we have had them and have never committed a single crime. this is so that once they get started the recertification process, they will see that they can make more money by charging for it, & will. this over time will be how they keep people from getting licenses, & will work on pricing them out of the reach of others.

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