(Tully, NY – April 4, 2013) New York author Richard Mickelson visits the enchanting world of Oz in his latest fiction, “The Wizard of Oz: Where Is He Now?”

In the story, fed up with being picked on for being short, Rosebud travels to the Emerald City with her mama to visit the Wizard of Oz—their plan is to ask the Wizard of Oz to make Rosebud taller. Along the way, they run into Dorothy and Toto. Dorothy suggests Rosebud accompany them on their trip to Kansas. When plans go haywire and Rosebud, instead of Dorothy, ends up in the Wizard’s hot air balloon, the Wizard and Rosebud go with the flow and travel across many lands.

As these two embark on their journey to Kansas, they encounter a set of trials and tribulations. Will they be able to save the doomed village of the colorful Teeny-taints? Can they escape the hideous, evil wizard who is trying to kill them? Will Rosebud make it to Kansas and get her wish to be taller and no longer be picked on? Readers find out in the exciting adventure of “The Wizard of Oz: Where is He Now?”

Published by Tate Publishing and Enterprises, the book is available through bookstores nationwide.

Mickelson lives in Tully where he enjoys reading Wizard of Oz literature.

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