Kids Oneida Announces First Mother’s Day Celebration

(Oneida County, NY – May 2013) Today, Kids Oneida announces its first Mother’s Day Annual Celebration: “Do what your mother would do … help take care of a child.” All contributions will be used directly and solely to support mother’s and families in need at Kids Oneida.

To make a donation to the Kids Oneida Mother’s Day Celebration, visit Donations received after May 4 will be acknowledged with an e-card to the designated recipient. Each mother acknowledged will be included on the Kids Oneida website.

Like mothers, Kids Oneida strives to inspire hope in children and their families by helping them overcome life’s obstacles, just as many mothers aim to do with their children. Providing individualized services to children and families, Kids Oneida’s vision is to keep families together, the wish of every mother. Since 1996, Kids Oneida has been licensed by the state Office of Mental Health as an assertive community treatment program.

On a daily basis, Kids Oneida continues to work with at-risk youth and their families who face social, emotional and behavioral challenges.

“I’d like to thank Kids Oneida from the bottom of my heart for all the help and support your organization has given to me and my children,” said Julia V., a Kids Oneida mother. “I greatly appreciate all that has been done, and I don’t know where I would be without the help that Kids Oneida has given to me.”

When every child has a chance to realize his or her potential, Kids Oneida’s work will be complete. Until then, Kids Oneida commits to helping children who suffer from childhood trauma to lead safer, healthier and more productive lives.

“Kids Oneida will continue to empower children and families while providing the most innovative treatments available” said Bob Roberts, CEO of Kids Oneida.

Kids Oneida is a not for profit organization that works with at risk youth and their families to keep them from out of home placements. Using the wraparound philosophy toward treatment, Kids Oneida works with a comprehensive team to provide the child and family with individualized treatment and services to help them meet their goals.

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