(Watertown, NY – Dec. 16, 2014) On Dec. 15 the New York State Police Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) in Watertown conducted an undercover investigation after receiving complaints of suspected prostitution activity at the Microtel on State Route 342 in Calcium.

Assisting with this investigation were members from NYSP Special Investigations Unit, NYSP Community Narcotics Enforcement Unit, the Metro Jeff Drug Taskforce, and the Jefferson County District Attorney’s Office.

The following individuals were arrested:

Ashley Fulmer(1)Robby Case(3)Felix Maha(2)Ernest Washington(2)Duane Gollop(2)Lawson Dodson(2)Ashley A. Fulmer, age 25, from 110 N. Indiana Av, Watertown charged with Prostitution.

Robby R. Case, age 31, from 43273 State Route 37 Redwood charged with third-degree Patronizing a Prostitute, a class “A” misdemeanor.

Felix Maha, age 28 from 25347 Virgina Smith Dr., Calcium charged with third-degree Patronizing a Prostitute.

Ernest S. Washington Jr., age 33, from 26052 Little Court, Evans Mills charged with third-degree Patronizing a Prostitute.

Duane I. Gollop, age 19, from 4th Armored Division Dr, Fort Drum charged with third-degree Patronizing a Prostitute.

Lawson J. Dodson, age 20, from 10212 4th Armored Div. Dr, Ft. Drum charged with third-degree Patronizing a Prostitute.

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4 thoughts on “Prostitution-related arrests made at the Microtel in Watertown”
  1. What was the result of the case were they found guilty or not and if so are these guys still locked up and does anyone know if they were thrown out of the military fosothis crime

    1. Unfortunately, we have no way of knowing the dispositions of these cases. We’re located about 90 minutes south and don’t have court correspondents in Watertown.

  2. ImIk thanks for responding Im trying to locate Ernest Washington one of the men arrested in this case he is my relative thought you would know how to follow up on these cases to see whattheending result of the trial was if there even was a trial

  3. I’m one of the guys that was arrested that night.. I went to court and got ordered 20 hours of community service. My chain of Command let me leave early every day to do community service where I “volunteered” at the gym On post but really just played basketball for 4 hours each day. Since then I’ve been promoted twice and deployed! ✌️

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