Journey to Oz book(Chittenango, NY – Aug. 2015) It’s time for the Semi-Annual “It Takes 2” fundraiser. Help the foundation fund the Baum-Neal House, All Things Oz Museum, and Oz-Stravaganza! festival by donating $2. You can donate via charge card or Paypal by clicking the donate button on the website or send a check in the mail. For supporters who donate $20 or more they will receive an Annual membership to the All Things Oz Museum as well as a special gift – the book “Journey to Oz” the story of L. Frank Baum by Chittenango Village Historian Clara Houck.

All supporters will be listed on the foundation’s Facebook pages as It Takes 2 supporters.

Visit the website and donate button at

The museum, Oz-Stravaganza! and Baum/Neal house are 100 percent volunteer.

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