Bar-20 Plans Annual Dinner

Bar-20 Cowboy Action Shooters(Eaton, NY – Oct. 2015) On Saturday Oct. 10 there will be a Bar-20 Cowboy shoot. This is the first time the club is combining Cowboy shooting and IDPA shooting; two stages of each.

Following the shoot will be the annual dinner dish to pass and meat by Bar-20. The event was moved from November to hopefully have better weather. This is not just for shooters but for family too.

Participants will be able to shoot Cowboy and IDPA or just either.  Bring extra guns because people might want to borrow them for a stage or two; extra ammo also.

IDPA typically uses 45acp or 9MM. Cowboy shooters are typically 38 special and 45 long colt  12 gauge shot gun.

IDPA stages are 10 round stages so you could use your cowboy guns. The targets for cowboys will be close so you might be able to use your IDPA guns on them.

Those who do not shoot are invited to stop and see if it’s something of interest. Don’t worry if you have never done it. Just come on down and we will help. It’s a shooter-friendly club.

Here is a link for a map to the club

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