Morris, HobieBy Hobie Morris

This simple country man is arguably a grown man, but his tears are real. Many times over the past 35 years my beautiful wife and I have wept many tears of gratitude and love for others.

Daily, Americans are bombarded by seemingly a crisis0fueled media. A news frenzy that in my humble estimation neglects the “real America” that is seldom given its due credit and importance. The “real America,” while far from perfect, comprises a deep and thick vein of historic goodness that continues to resist the forces trying to destroy it. We must never allow this to happen—ever!

This simple country man is convinced that in your community, as ours, there are countless real Americans who are continually and unselfishly assisting others in a variety of ways. They do so out of this genuine vein of goodness.

This simple country man and his faithful, lovely wife have been touched and motivated by so many unselfish people who, despite their own unpredictable and stressful lives, still have the amazing resiliency and strength to assist others in their time of need. Incredibly, wonderful Lois and I have many times observed these real Americans at their finest in over 35 years of living off the grid here in the Brookfield community.

In times of need, there is an amazing outpouring of assistance. This is a community of many fabled Mothers Teresa—the saintly nun who dedicated her simple life to help society’s downtrodden. The late much-beloved and still venerated Kate Whitaker exemplified such incredible love for others. She lived an iconic life and literally wore her tiny body out for those in need. I am convinced that diminutive Kate and Mother Teresa have warmly hugged and smiled at their reunion.

Today, Kate’s cross has been taken up by many others and we continue to be awed and grateful that we are living in this community here and now. So many new Mother Teresa’s come to mind. Lois, Mary, Ruth, Nancie, Janet, Janny, Colleen and a special, wonderful saintly person (who has been kissed on the forehead by the Pope).

Virginia is truly in the special mold of the Christ-like Mother Teresa and our still terribly missed neighbor Kate. We can’t leave out many saintly men as well. Jim, Wayne, Chris, Mark, Bob–to name just a few of these remarkably real Americans.

Fads and fools will come and go, but the real Americans will continue to make America the great nation that it’s always been. The Brookfield community, like yours, contains many people who openly cry tears of gratitude for the love of their neighbors and friends.

There is nothing wrong with shedding a tear or two for others. I proudly confess doing so on many occasions, but again these are only the musings of a simple country man.

Hobie Morris is a longtime Brookfield resident and simple country man. He can be reached at

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