Bill Magee
Bill Magee

Assemblyman Bill Magee (D-Nelson) recently criticized his opponent for calling for more school consolidation during a recent debate. Magee said that school consolidation should be decided at the local level by individual school districts, not politicians or Albany bureaucrats, and should only be done if it’s in the best interests of students and the local community.

“Bureaucrats in Albany shouldn’t be pushing for more consolidation – just look what they did with the disastrous rollout of Common Core,” said Magee. “That’s why it’s especially troubling that my opponent wants to close more of our schools. That’s a decision for parents, teachers and taxpayers to make. It’s not for him or Albany bureaucrats to decide.”

Magee believes that consolidation should only be considered when academic programs would be enriched, community identity would be protected and it would be for the betterment of all school districts. Magee also noted that school consolidation could result in longer bus rides for students, larger classroom sizes, a loss of jobs and higher taxes for local homeowners.

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One thought on “GUEST COLUMN: Magee: School consolidation should be decided at the local level”
  1. Thank God Bill has always supported our schools, living in Brookfield,I know how important this is. His opponent has no clue.. Strong and Steady Bill…

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