LETTER: Many reasons why Ann Jones should be County Clerk

To the Editor:
There are many reasons why Ann Jones should become Madison County Clerk.
She holds a Bachelor’s degree in education, one that has equipped her to take on the responsibility of training poll workers in all the towns in Madison County on the required computerized voting system. I have spoken with Republican and Democratic workers alike and all have spoken highly of the understanding, patience, clarity and support she offered in handling this rather daunting responsibility. The Board of Elections, where Ann has served the public since 2004, recognized her talents and certainly chose the right person for the job.
Her Master’s degree in Public Administration and experience at the Board of Elections make her very aware of the necessity of safeguarding vital public records, a key requisite of a county clerk. Over the years, I have had cause to seek the advice of the Board of Elections concerning legal and technical issues and how they affect Brookfield voters. I can attest to the accuracy, thoroughness and timeliness of the responses Ann and the Board of Elections provided.
Ann is very public-spirited, as is shown by her volunteer work with such entities as the Community Action Partnership, the Cazenovia League of Women Voters, the Fenner Renewable Education Center, the Cazenovia Central School Special Education Committee, as secretary of the Morrisville Fire District and dispatcher at the Cazenovia Area Volunteer Ambulance Corps. She also has been a board member of Bridges-Madison County Council on Alcoholism and Substance Abuse. All this demonstrates  Ann’s concern for and involvement in community programs to help people. It tells the kind of person she is.
Ann Jones understands the absolute necessity to save taxpayers’ money while providing essential and efficient services to the public. She recognizes the already top-notch staff of the Clerk’s office and the importance of supporting that staff.
Finally, if you have ever met Ann, you would come away with a lasting impression of her radiant smile and friendliness. She quite possibly is one of the most caring and gregarious people I know. She recently attended Brookfield Democratic meetings, brunched with us at the Beaver Den, visited our booth at Wheel Days, and enjoyed the Leonardsville Fire Department’s fabulous breakfast. I am amazed at how easily she can identify with and strike up conversations with people. She has remarked on how friendly she finds Brookfielders to be, possibly due to our town’s  rural nature and historically agricultural background. After all, Ann and her husband, Scott, still live on the family farm in Fenner where they raised their two children. With that set of values and qualifications, Ann Jones is sure to make a fine Madison County Clerk.
George Cowen, Brookfield

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