LETTER: Supports Tenney

LETTER: Supports Tenney

To the Editor:

“I don’t want public opinion derailing this,” said  Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi regarding the Utica Downtown Hospital debacle.

The hospital already has plenty of controversy surrounding it, but his statement alone speaks volumes about Brindisi’s character. Last time I checked, being an Assemblyman means you are a public servant. If you take a quick look at Brindisi’s voting record, it is clear the only opinion he cares about is Governor Cuomo’s.

Congresswomen Tenney does care about public opinion. In 2016, when NY 22 voted for President Donald Trump by 16 percent over his opponent, Tenney was given the best public opinion poll possible. Her district likes President Trump, and Congresswoman Tenney has taken that and ran with it, working with the President to pass a multitude of laws. She has embraced Trump’s plans to cut taxes and bring jobs back to America and our District. Congresswomen Tenney voted to fix our broken Healthcare system and helped repeal the individual mandate that was plaguing Upstate New Yorkers.

As an Assemblywoman, Tenney repeatedly stood up to Cuomo and was the first to call for corrupt politician Sheldon Silver’s resignation. Claudia has repeatedly proven that public opinion is very important to her. Come November, public opinion will derail Brindisi, and Congresswomen Tenney will return to Washington to continue fighting for NY’s 22nd Congressional District.

James A. Zecca, Utica

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